SAV Fleet Management


First Transit offers a variety of administrative fleet management and reporting tools. These tools can easily integrate with built-in AV technology and allow managers and supervisors to:

  • Monitor and manage vehicle location and performance to ensure optimal operations
  • Communicate vehicle location and estimated arrival with passengers
  • Analyze historical data to gain insight into system performance and assess areas where improvements can be gained
  • Plan and schedule service based on passenger demand, battery life, vehicle utilization, and time
  • Generate detailed operational performance reports for our clients
  • Dispatch, re-route vehicles, and respond to passenger requests in service
  • Manage electric vehicle energy usage
  • Monitor vehicle health and predict maintenance needs
  • Tools such as mobile apps, two-way SMS messaging, and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) signs, give passengers visibility regarding vehicle location and ETA. These tools allow  passengers to plan their trips effectively.
First Transit has relationships with technology vendors and is always exploring emerging technologies to best suit our clients’ needs.