Active Projects


As a part of MnDOT’s CAV Challenge, First Transit is in start-up phase of an automated shuttle project within the City of Rochester. This service will operate on public streets and will connect the Destination Medical Center (DMC) with the Mayo Clinic’s main campus.
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Concluded Projects

US Ignite Fort Carson On-Base Shuttle Pilot

In partnership with US Ignite, the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), and Perrone Robotics, Inc, First Transit is implementing an automated vehicle shuttle project at the Fort Carson US Army installation.
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Arlington Entertainment District

Milo is the nation’s first SAV service open to the public. First Transit operated service for this one-year pilot project transporting passengers in the Arlington Entertainment District during major sporting events. The project concluded in 2018. The City of Arlington summarized the project’s success in a recent report: “Milo ridership surveys illustrate
the excitement and acceptance of driverless technology in Arlington. 99% of riders surveyed enjoyed riding Milo and felt safe riding Milo. 97% of riders surveyed support AV technology more broadly.” Riders provided positive comments regarding the service’s quality, innovation, and “fun” rider experience.
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Bishop Ranch

As part of our partnership with GoMentum Station, we operated the first SAV project in the United States. This SAV pilot was designed to test the feasibility of a first mile/last mile solution for employees of businesses at Bishop Ranch, the largest mixed-use business community in Northern California. The project represented a public and private partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, GoMentum Station, Sunset Development Company, and First Transit.
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From 2017 to 2019, First Transit served as the exclusive transit operator partner at GoMentum Station. This partnership fostered research and innovation in the field of SAVs, with a focus on their application in public transit networks. GoMentum Station is one of the 10 federally designated AV proving grounds in the United States.
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Livermore Amador Valley Transit (LAVTA)

The first public transit authority in California to operate an SAV, LAVTA partnered with First Transit to implement a SAV demonstration project in 2018. The project tested the feasibility of SAVs as a first mile/last mile solution for commuters traveling between local light rail and their homes/offices. First Transit operated two (2) vehicles for this project.

Metro Houston and Texas Southern University

First Transit is currently operating Phase 1 of an SAV pilot program with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County in Houston, TX. Phase 1 of the pilot provides a low-speed shuttle service operating on the Texas Southern University (TSU) campus pedestrian pathway, the ‘Tiger Walk.’ Phase 2 will incorporate a first mile/last mile service connecting passengers to the TSU campus a nearby rail station and the University of Houston campus.
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Minnesota AV Road Show

From December 2017 to May 2018, First Transit operated a vehicle as part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) SAV Roadshow. Designed to demonstrate the SAV’s ability to perform in extreme winter environments, the roadshow visited multiple stops across Minnesota including the 3M World Headquarters and the
State Capitol in Saint Paul. The vehicle performed to all expectations of safety and passenger comfort in snowfall and temperatures reaching -35F. A survey conducted following the Roadshow’s conclusion revealed a positive response to the use of AV technology through rider feedback. 96% of passengers surveyed felt safe onboard the

SAV. Most riders were excited to participate in this demonstration and looked forward to the application of AV technology in Minnesota.
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Jacksonville Transit Authority

First Transit operates one SAV for a pilot program with JTA. JTA is testing autonomous vehicles to ultimately provide a road map for conversion of its Skyway light rail system for use with autonomous electric vehicles. Initially, testing of the vehicle is on JTA’s Test and Learn track, which was established to assess and promote the capabilities of AV technology.
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SAIC at UC Davis

First Transit operated a six-month SAV pilot project in partnership with technology vendor SAIC. The pilot operated on the UC Davis campus in Davis, CA. First Transit was responsible for operating and managing one (1) six-passenger shuttle, connecting West Village Campus to key campus locations and transit bus stops.
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