Summary of the Client

The City of Arlington Entertainment District is a vibrant area in Arlington, TX boasting shops, hotels, sports arenas, theme parks, concert venues, and other tourist attractions. 

The Challenge

The District attracts significant vehicular and foot traffic. With no public transportation system in place, the City of Arlington needed an effective solution to move people safely within the District while minimizing the number of vehicles on the roads.  

The City engaged First Transit and our vehicle manufacturer partner EasyMile to operate a short-term pilot.  The pilot, known as Milo, was designed to test AV technology in this operational scenario and raise public awareness about driverless vehicle technology.

The Solution 

First Transit worked with the City’s Entertainment District to deploy two AV shuttles.  We operated the service on private roads connecting passengers between remote parking areas and key destinations within the District.  

Service operated during sporting events and for special tours. During the pilot’s year of operation, Milo operated in service for the following events:

  • 78 events at AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Park, including football games, baseball games, and concerts
  • 17 public demonstrations, where interested citizens could reserve a ride on Milo
  • 18 special interest group tours, where school groups, local engineering groups, and companies interested in using AV technology on their campuses rode the service
  • 3 community exhibitions, where people could see the vehicle and ask question

Measurable Results

The City of Arlington summarized the project’s success in a recent report: “Milo ridership surveys illustrate the excitement and acceptance of driverless technology in Arlington. 99% of riders surveyed enjoyed riding Milo and felt safe riding Milo. 97% of riders surveyed “support AV technology more broadly.” Riders provided positive comments regarding the service’s quality, innovation, and “fun” rider experience. Following the success of this pilot, the City of Arlington continues to explore the potential of AV technology in its service of the public’s mobility needs.